Fix: Acer CP7271K Monitor Not Working

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If you have ever experienced something such as freezing or a blank screen, then you should know that the problem might be caused by a hardware malfunction. Fortunately, a simple visual inspection can save you big trouble.

Computer monitors are known for their high-resolution display capabilities and quality picture output. This makes them indispensable devices in our daily lives.


There are times when your computer monitor suddenly stops working. When this happens, check whether the connector has been properly connected. Look at the back panel and ensure that the power cable is plugged into the adapter correctly. Also, try resetting your monitor using the buttons located on either side.

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Acer CP7271K Details



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1. Check if the power outlet is working correctly. If not, unplug the power strip/power adapter and plug it back in.


2. Check if the circuit breaker is closed (if applicable). Open circuit breaker if necessary.
3. Remove AC fuse(s) from the electrical panel. Replace the fuses.
4. Reset the timer to zero hours. Set the time alarm at 15 minutes before the first time you want to check the monitor.
5. Check the batteries – they should still have some charge left.


6. Plug any cables that may be connected to the unit into the computer. Make sure there’s no corrosion on the connectors.
7. Try using a different USB port on the computer.
8. If the battery isn’t fully charged, try charging it overnight.
9. Disconnect any hard drives and external devices plugged into the computer.
10. Connect the display cable to the unit and make sure it’s securely attached.
11. Close any doors and windows that could block airflow around the monitor.


12. Turn off any fans or vents in close proximity to the monitor.
13. Re-install the case screws.
14. Replace the rubber grommets in the case cover.


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