Fix: Acer VG240YP Monitor Full Black Screen

Welcome to iDroidBear Fixing Gudie – In this post we are going to show you how to Fix: Acer VG240YP Monitor Full Black Screen



If you have ever experienced something like a blank screen, then you should know that the problem might be caused by a hardware malfunction. Fortunately, a simple visual inspection can save you big trouble.

Computer monitors are known for their high-resolution display capabilities and quality picture output. This makes them indispensable devices in our daily lives.


There are several ways to fix black screen errors, but before doing anything, check out these steps:



Acer VG240YP Details



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Fix: Acer VG240YP Monitor Full Black Screen



 The first thing I always recommend doing is resetting your PC/Mac. Pressing the ‘esc’ button at the top right corner of the screen or hitting the power button may work on some machines. If these options don’t work then try pressing both shift keys and tapping the power button at the same time.


Clean out the fans

 Some computers have built-in fans for cooling down the processor and hard drive, but sometimes they get clogged with dust. Try cleaning them out with compressed air or a canister vacuum cleaner (be careful not to spray any liquid on the fan). Also make sure to clean behind the motherboard after removing the back cover.

Reinstall the drivers

 If none of these solutions work, then go ahead and reinstall the computer’s operating system. You can do this by rebooting the machine while holding the Shift key. Once the BIOS loads, press F12 to enter BIOS configuration mode (you’ll need to know how to use the keyboard to accomplish this). There should be two sections labeled ‘Boot Device’ and ‘Boot Order’. Select the second section, scroll down until you find the option labeled ‘Hard Drive’, and set the priority of the hard drive to ‘High’ instead of ‘Standard’. After saving the changes, exit BIOS and reboot the machine.


Other Options to Fix Black Screen on Acer VG240YP


  1. Replace the GPU
  2.  Repair the problem yourself. Here we go


Replace the GPU


 This is not a good idea unless you’re really familiar with computers. You’ll need to take off your case and remove the motherboard, memory chips, CPU/motherboard connectors, cables, and any other components around the GPU. Once everything is removed, you can replace the GPU with a brand-new one. Then reassemble and test the PC again. However, before proceeding, make sure you have some spare parts handy just in case something goes wrong.

Second option: repairing the problem yourself

 If your graphics card is damaged, then repair your own. But first, let’s try to solve some problems beforehand. To start, check your BIOS settings. Make sure there isn’t anything set incorrectly (like power saving mode). Also, verify if your system uses secure boot. If yes, then disable it. Finally, do a clean restart and try again.


If the above methods didn’t work, please. let us know in the comment section.