How Long Does Windows 11 Take to Install and Update

Are you thinking of installing or upgrading your current operating system to Windows 11? Can’t be able to do that because you don’t know how long the process takes? This article will let you do the upgrade by understanding how long does Windows 11 take to install or update.

Windows 11 Installation Process

Windows 11 installation and latest OS downloading becomes much easier through Installation Assistant. Move to the Windows 11 Downloads page and click the Download Now. Once downloaded, execute the downloaded Installation Assistant executable file. Now, click Accept and Install. After this, Windows 11 downloading procedure will start automatically.

When the downloading process ends, your computer will start again (restart) just within half an hour. However, if you wish to save valuable time, you can start immediately by selecting the Restart Now option. Now, Windows 11 will automatically install and configure.

How Long Does Windows 11 Installation Take?

Usually, Windows installation takes about 10-20 minutes. But, it may vary based on your computer’s specifications, such as HDD or SSD speed and RAM space. The latest SSD takes about 10 minutes, while the older versions can take up to 60 minutes or more time.

A slow PC (standard i3) with 4GB RAM may take approximately 2 hours 30 minutes or more for Windows 11 installation.

Does Longer Windows Installation Cause Overheating?

Try using a system with more RAM and processor because a longer installation process may cause overheating. Many users have experienced that their computer is overheating a lot during the process, which should not come as a surprise given what the system has to go through. It also does not help if the device is in poor maintenance.

Dust particles on a fan, outdated BIOS, and overloaded CPU or GPU could also be the reasons for Windows 10/11 overheating issue. 

Why Did Windows 11 Installation Get Stuck?

While installing Windows 11, users noticed that their system got frozen or stuck. There could be multiple reasons that make the installation process take forever. For example, slow hardware components.

Installing the latest OS on a traditional HDD can take a long time and make the installation process stuck in between. However, incompatible hardware, Windows 11 upgrade tools, and bugs can also become the major cause.  

How to Fix Windows 11 Stuck Issue?

If Windows 11 gets stuck during installation, disconnect all unneeded hardware components and peripherals such as secondary hard drives. Or, if you are upgrading Windows 10 to 11, try a clean installation. Don’t forget to check your internet connection.

Windows 11 update will freeze if your computer or laptop does not have a stable and fast internet connection. Select Settings from the context menu and then choose the System button. For troubleshooting, scroll down on the right panel.

Go to the options and click ‘Other troubleshooters’. Hit the Run button. The possible issues will be listed in a box labeled ‘Check for Windows Update issues’. Now, restart your system and perform the entire process again until you find the culprit.

How to Check for Windows 11 Update?

Wondering what the right time for the Windows 11 update is? Don’t worry, as it is quite simple to determine. Right-click on the Start menu and choose the Settings option from the list. Alternatively, you may search it in the search bar. Choose Windows Update and then select ‘Check for updates’.

Once you select this button, Windows 11 checks for updates automatically. The system will restart to begin some new or pending updates based on the options you have selected. Rebooting may be done during an off time or while you are doing some work on the computer/laptop.

How Long Does Windows 11 Update Take?

A recent report from Microsoft has stated that it takes approximately six hours to apply the update process completely. However, if you’re constantly updating without any break or obstacle, it’ll take a minimum of two continuous connected hours. It may go up to 6 total connected hours to install the latest features.

Factors Window Update Time Depends on

How long Windows 11 takes to update depends on the current state and power of your system. Hard Drive and the CPU are two vital factors that may impact the Windows update time. SSD drives update at a much faster pace than traditional drives.

The updating process becomes faster if you have a more powerful CPU. Hence, ensure that your system has at least 64GB storage, 1GHz or higher processor clock speed, and more than 4GB RAM.

The Conclusion

As now you are very well aware of how long does Windows 11 take to install, you can go for it. It is worth installing or upgrading to Windows 11. But, finally, it’s your personal choice to decide whether to go for it or not.  

Make sure your laptop is fully charged so that the process doesn’t stop in between due to no charging. Also, take the complete backup.