The first thing to do when you launch iPhone or iPad


If you are launching iPhone or iPad, congratulations because you have a spectacular device in your hands. And if it is the first time you have one, you are in the best place since we are going to tell you the first steps you should follow. These are a series of tips that all first-time users should keep in mind.

Create an Apple ID if you don’t have one

The Apple ID is the key to everything on the iPhone or iPad. An account in which all your iPhone data, contacts, calendar, files in the cloud, apps, purchases are associated, everything you can imagine is associated with your Apple account.

apple logo

Apple logo

If this is the first time you have an iPhone or iPad, when you turn it on for the first time the device will guide you to create an account step by step. You can also create an Apple ID from the official Web, and if it is for a child, you can activate parental controls.

Set up Face ID and Touch ID

Something essential that you cannot skip in the initial configuration of your iPhone or iPad. Thanks to Face ID and Touch ID you can log into your device, unlock it, download apps without a password or protect them. During the initial setup, your device will explain how to set it up correctly.

Face ID Apple

Face ID on the iPhone

Set up “Hey Siri”

Something that many skip and then miss. During the initial configuration of the iPhone and iPad, a section appears to invoke Siri with our voice, and It is important not to skip it since later it may be useful. By doing so, Siri would only recognize our voice and it will not start when others say it.

Remove some of the included apps

It is likely that many of the Apple apps that are included in your new iPhone or iPad will never be opened. We are talking about applications such as Bolsa, iTunes Store, Compass or Garage Band. Before installing anything, we recommend clean these types of apps since you can eliminate them without problems.

Organize your home screen

It is important to have a well-organized home screen to have access to all our apps and games quickly and easily. It is something very personal, you can organize the different home pages by type of applications, create folders and many others customization ways. Of course, a good advice is have the apps you use the most in the dock.

Download the best apps

A very important step, apps make our devices better, and fortunately we have compilations with the best that you can download. Applications make the iPhone and iPad unleash their full power.

iPhone 12 Pro

Apps on iPhone 12 Pro

Download the best games

And in the same way that it happens with apps, it happens with games. The iPhone and iPad are powerful enough to become ours portable console, and we have many must-have game lists that you must try.

Learn the best tricks

IPhones and iPads hide numerous tricks you should know thoroughly to dominate them completely. If you have a new iPhone, we have a collection with 40 essential tricks you should know, but we have many more tips in our Tutorials section very interesting.

we hope that enjoy your new iPhone or iPad for a long time, and you already know that here you have a lot of tips, tricks and information on all Apple devices.