VIVO S1 Pro Google Camera APK Install Guide [Working Method] Google Camera APK Download & Install on VIVO S1 Pro Without ROOT

Google camera is one of the best cameras in the mobile camera segments. Custom ROM including LineageOS, Pixel Experience Comes with pre-built google camera for better camera experience.

What is Gcam – Google Camera?

Gcam is a mod that aims to bring the Google Camera app to several smartphones and ensure that all features work with them. There are several variations of Gcam. Some are meant for multiple Android devices, while others are made specifically for a single smartphone. There are multiple developers working on Gcam and an active community of users using the Mod.

Google Camera 7.3+ Features

  • Automatic DND mode while using video-recording.
  • 30Fps Recording
  • Astrograph Mode
  • Slow Motion Recording
  • Macro Photos
  • Beautiful Night Mode.

Pre Requisites For Google Camera APK

  • Your Mobile Should Support Camera 2 API
  • With ROOT / Without ROOT

To Check if VIVO S1 Pro is Camera2 API is enabled

Go to Playstore and Install Camera 2 API probe

Once installed, the app will show two or more sections depending on the number of camera lenses your device has (e.g. “Camera ID: 0” represents the rear camera module). Under each Camera ID, you can find a sub-category of various features and their support details. We are particularly interested in the category named “Hardware Support Level” which shows the Camera2 API support level on the device.

Camera2 Probe

As you can see, the app not only finds out the exact Camera2 API level for your device, it also lists down several other features that are supported by the camera module. The information may come in handy at the time of installing third-party camera apps like a specific Google Camera port that can utilize these features.

How to install and use Google Camera Port on VIVO S1 Pro

Besides the Camera2 API, Google Camera also requires Google Play Services to run. The app will crash if you try to run it on a phone without Google Apps. You can, however, use MicroG or Gcam Services Provider to spoof Google’s proprietary libraries.

  1. Download the most compatible APK file of the ported Google Camera from the next section and install it.
    • Either use one of the suggested versions for your device or pick one of the generic mods.
    • You may need to install additional XML configuration files.
  2. Restart the app.
  3. Success!

Download Google  Camera APK 7.3+ for VIVO S1 Pro

Google Camera APK – Download


Conclusion :

We hope this method is useful for you to install gcam mod on VIVO S1 Pro. If you met any problem while installing, please let us know in the comment section.